Regenerative Medicine

Our nurse practitioner Courtney Bickerstaff, APRN offers patients in the Central Arkansas area REGENERATIVE MEDICINE including joint pain injections, trigger point injections, neuropathy treatment and more!

Regenerative Medicine has been shown to REVIVE, REGENERATE, and RENEW the tissues in damaged/worn joints. Our patients are finding relief for their KNEES, SHOULDERS, HIPS, ELBOWS, and even HEELS after ONLY ONE 30-MINUTE TREATMENT.

This cutting-edge regenerative therapy has been delivering amazing results and giving the people in central Arkansas better options for their pain management and a step in the right direction for overall health…NATURALLY!

Tiffany Lack, Nurse Practitioner for Regenerative Medicine Little Rock

Regenerative Medicine Services

Regenerative medicine services at Natural State Health Center, include joint injections, trigger point injections, and neuropathy treatments. Courtney is our nurse practitioner, and she’s a compassionate provider who takes pride in developing treatment plans with her patients, instead of for them.

Anyone who is experiencing pain in their joints, including knees, hips, ankles, low back, shoulder, among others, that hasn’t responded to conventional treatment (excluding rheumatoid arthritis pain) would be an excellent candidate for regenerative medicine with our nurse practitioner, Courtney.  Additionally, anyone with numbness or tingling to their hands or feet would benefit from an appointment with her. Schedule an appointment with our regenerative medicine doctor located conveniently near you in the Little Rock area.


Ready to live a healthy, pain-free life without the use of drugs or surgery?