Thermal Imaging

Medical Infrared Imaging

An extremely accurate way to observe temperature variations and thermal patterns in all regions of the body, medical infrared imaging is an effective, non-invasive assessment tool.

Uses For Thermography

Evaluates sympathetic stress

Assesses risks for illness

Guides the selection of modalities

Monitors effectiveness of modalities in treatment

Contributes to cost-effective care

Provides patients with higher quality of life

Thermal imaging is a useful diagnostic tool used by our Little Rock chiropractors to help with pain relief.

Infrared screening “observes” the body functioning and changing in “real time”. We believe it can be put to use as a safe and affordable “discovery screening tool” to promote a healthy lifestyle by documenting subtle physiological changes as they are happening.

For example, inflammation in the body is often a reflection of a high stress busy lifestyle. Inflammation is the initial cause of most health issues. If left unaddressed, inflammation can lead to such conditions as heart and cardiovascular issues, thyroid disease, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, cancer and much more.

Anyone who is alive and breathing, has an infrared body that is constantly emitting infrared energy 24 hours a day, every day. As body functions change, so do the infrared patterns. Observation of thermal patterns always change in response to what we eat and the activities in our lifestyle. We believe thermography leads the way in the preferred new strategy to observe, address and intercept adverse changes at the earliest possible opportunity.

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